Cool ,Cute & Easy hair style ideas for girls

Cool ,Cute & Easy hair style ideas for girls – Get those hair off that person and neck as the weather’s warm with these 12 easy, breezy looks.


Pinned-Up Half-Pony

This lovely twist on the braided half-up style is focused on getting creative with whatever bobby pins or barrettes you have seated throughout the house (or need to go buy!). Secure twisted strands by pinning into a fascinating design such as this triangle shape. Consider upping the wow factor with glittery pops or metallics of neon. If you want to go stunning all-out, create mini fishtail braids to pin up like above.

Britta Nickel  Original


Braid in a Braid

Simple three-strand braids look not boring when you experiment with different thicknesses and widths within the same look. Take a tiny portion of hair, braid it, then create a huge braid, weaving in the first. The effect is part boho-cool but completely beach ready.

by Amber Clark Original


Add An Unexpected Ribbon

You may think of ribbons for wrapping gift ideas, but it is known as by us the most genius hair accessories. Secure a wispy, low ponytail with a feminine ribbon and tie it into a bow. Stick to neutral coloured trimmings to keep it from looking too girly–and extra points for revealing some custom love or re-purposing a gifted favorite.

by Julia Engel    Original


The Little Braid With Tousled Waves
Neglect the 50 {88514f91f61fe7e3da2dabe572d73425d796d75f002b4739a550c4c5f09f8b2c} hour tango with a curling flat iron. It’s too hot out. Instead, spritz wet hair with a sea-salt aerosol, draw into two loose buns and rest in right away. When you up wake, shake out your waves and put in a casual, three-strand braid privately to keep shorter layers out of that person or sticking with your sweet new lipgloss.

by Cathy Anderson Original

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