Cool ,Cute & Easy hair style ideas for girls

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Cool ,Cute & Easy hair style ideas for girls – Get those hair off that person and neck as the weather’s warm with these 12 easy, breezy looks. Pinned-Up Half-Pony This lovely twist on the braided half-up style is focused on getting creative with whatever bobby pins or barrettes you have seated throughout the house (or need to go buy!). Secure twisted strands by pinning into a fascinating design such as this triangle shape. Consider upping the wow factor with glittery pops or metallics of neon. If you want to go stunning all-out, create mini fishtail braids to pin up like above. Britta Nickel  Original Braid in a Braid Simple three-strand braids look not boring when you experiment with different thicknesses and widths within the same look. Take a tiny portion of hair, braid it, then create a huge braid, weaving in the first. The effect is part boho-cool but

Celebrity Short Hairstyles – Celebrity With Short Hair

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Celebrity Short Hairstyles – Celebrity With Short Hair If you have always wished to go brief, now’s an improved time than ever before to make the leap (think: less sweaty hair occasions). But there is no heading back once you invest in the chop–unless you’re doubling down on hair gummies–so the way the hell are you likely to style it once you are doing? Here some of style Dianna Agron The Glee legend will keep it simple and lovely with a light feathery bob that’s exquisite for warmer weather. Julianne Hough A slightly wavy bob with a liiiiittle little bit of layering to reduce the ends = the perfect way to help ease into short wild hair for longer-locked gals. Leighton Meester She seems more Blair Waldorf with this slicked-back lob in some way, right? Demi Lovato Even though many short cuts tend to be edgy (and dangerous to accomplish),

Easy Summer Hairstyles Ideas

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Easy Summer Hairstyles Ideas Knotted ponytail 1. Mist your whole head with a light texturizing spray (we like Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray) to give your hair a little bit of hold. If you’re starting with second- or third-day hair, you can skip this step. 2. Section your hair into two horizontal sections, one above the ears and one below. You’ll start with the one on top. 3. Split the top section in half and tie the two halves together in a classic knot. 4. Now break the bottom section in half and combine each side with one of the ends of the knot you just created. 5. Taking your two new sections, tie one final knot, and wrap an elastic around the base to hold it all in place. Double buns 1. Generously coat hair with a strong-hold hair spray, like Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong to smooth down any